ABC-7, 7th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis

7th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis

May 12(Sunday)-15(Wednesday), 2013
Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Tanabe Prize in Acid-Base Catalysis

The 2013 Tanabe Prize for Acid?Base Catalysis will be awarded to Johannes A. Lercher, who receives the prize in recognition of his substantial contributions to the field of acid-base catalysis.

The award ceremony will take place at the 7th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis in Tokyo, Japan May 12-15, 2013.

Johannes A. Lercher studied Chemistry and received his PhD at TU Wien. After a visiting lectureship at Yale, he joined TU Wien as lecturer and later Assoc. Professor. 1993 he was appointed Professor at the University Twente, Department of Chemical Technology, and moved in 1998 to his current position as Professor of Chemical Technology at TU Munchen. Since 2011 he is also Director of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

He is external member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Member of the Academia Europaea, and holds several Honorary Professorships. He serves currently as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Catalysis.

Research is focussed on fundamental aspects of oxide and molecular sieve based sorption and catalysis, new routes to activate and functionalize hydrocarbons, deconstruction and defunctionalization of biomass, the mechanistic understanding of hydrotreating catalysts, and the in situ characterization of catalytic processes.

Announcement of the Tanabe Prize

The Acid Base Catalysis Group hereby invites nominations for the Kozo Tanabe Prize. The Kozo Tanabe Prize for Acid Base Catalysis is sponsored by the International Acid-Base Catalysis (ABC) Group* and a selected private company. It honors the legacy and accomplishments of Professor Kozo Tanabe, who pioneered many of the modern concepts in Catalytic Chemistry of acids and bases.

The prize is administered by the ABC Group* and will be presented at the 7th International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis (ABC-7), to be held in 2013 in Tokyo. The award consists of a plaque, an honorarium, and travel expenses to attend the meeting and present a plenary lecture. The Tanabe Prize recognizes substantial contributions to the field of acid and/or base catalysis. It may be presented to an individual of any stage of her/his career for significant contributions to the area within the ten years preceding the date of the award. Self nominations are not accepted. The nomination package must include the nomination sheet, a list of publications and patents (2003-2013), a list of plenary and keynote lectures, a curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation.

The nomination packages should be sent via email as a single PDF file titled “Name of Nominee Tanabe Prize Nomination 2013” no later than August 31, 2012 to the Tanabe Prize committee**. (Coordinator: Nadine Essayem, University of LYON-CNRS, France, Email:

The ABC is a successful series of symposia. The 7th ABC will provide a forum for scientists and engineers from both academia and industry to discuss most recent developments and technological opportunities in this vibrant area of research as well as the past ABC symposia, promoting a global and interdisciplinary approach towards both fundamental science and industrial applications of acid-base catalysis.

We hope many people engaging in the acid-base catalysis field participate in ABC-7.

Nomination for The Tanabe Prize


*ABC group

Asia, Australia, New Zealand:
  • Professor HATTORI Hideshi, Hokkaido Univ. Japan
  • Professor PARK Sang-Eun, Inha Univ, Korea
  • Professor HARA Michikazu, Tokyo Inst. Techn., Japan
  • Professor TATSUMI Takashi, Tokyo Inst. Techn., Japan
  • **Professor XU Bo-Qing, Tsinghua Univ., Biejing, China

  • Professor APESTEGUIA Carlos, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Professor DAVIS Robert J., Univ. Virginia, USA
  • **Professor IGLESIA Enrique,Univ. California at Berkeley, USA
  • Professor JENTOFT Friederike C.,Univ. Oklahoma, Norman, USA
  • Professor MOTA de ARAUJO Claudio,Univ.Fed. Rio, Br
  • Dr. SOLED Stuart, ExxonMobil, Allendale, USA

  • Professor BUSCA Guido, Univ. Genova, Italy
  • Professor CORMA Avelino, Valencia, Spain
  • Professor De JONG Krijn,Univ. Utrecht, Netherlands
  • **Dr. ESSAYEM Nadine, Univ. Lyon-CNRS, France
  • Professor HOLDERICH Wolfgang, Univ. Aachen, Germany
  • Professor IVANOVA, State Univ. Moskva, Russia
  • Professor JACKSON David, Univ. Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Professor LERCHER Johannes A., TU Munchen, Germany
  • Dr. MEIMA Garry, Dow Chemicals, Netherlands
  • Professor OLSBYE Unni, Univ. Oslo, Norway