TOCAT6/APCAT5 July 18-23, 2010, Sapporo, Japan 本文へジャンプ
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Sapporo is Japan's fifth largest city and has over 1.8 million people. The city was built systematically based on a grid pattern. Streets are lined with buildings, acacia, gingko, and poplar trees. In the center of the city there are buildings reminiscent of the Meiji Era when Hokkaido was being developed.
Sapporo is prefectural capital of Hokkaido,the largest and northernmost prefecture of Japan. Hokkaido is famous for beer, agricultural products and see food. Hokkaido is distinguished for resort in summer and winter. Namely, Hokkaido is the bset place for vacation resort, since you can enjoy any food and any sport & leisure.

Airport to Sapporo

From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo station is only 36 min ride on JR local train with rapid service, named as "Airport."
The railway tickets are available at ticket-vending machine near ticket gates. The train fare from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo is 1,040 yen. For Rapid Train, no extra-charge is required.
The Rapid Train departs at intervals of 15 min from 9 am to 9 pm, but long intervals in the other time.

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Sapporo Convention Center

Access map to Sapporo Convention Center

Access to Sapporo Convention Center

Click then larger map.The subway station, "Higashi Sapporo Station," is the nearest one to Sapporo Convention Center.
There are several Sapporo subway lines. If you stay around JR Sapporo Station, you will take two subway lines from your hotel to Sapporo Convention Center.
First, you should go the subway station of JR Sapporo (N06). Please note that the JR Sapporo Station itself is different location from the subway station of JR Sapporo. It takes about 4 minutes from JR Sapporo Station to the subway station of JR Sapporo.
Next, you take the subway and then go to Odori Subway Station (N07). It is the next subway station of Sapporo Sta. You should take another subway line. The line is "Tozai subway line". Then, you should get off at the station of "Higashi Sapporo Station"(T12), 3rd from "Odori Station (T09)". It takes around 6 min.
If you stay around Odori area, you will take only one subway line to go to Sapporo Convention Center.

Venue Floor Plan
1st floor
2nd floor
Floor plan originally drawinng up.  (pdf 34KB)

Outline of Sapporo Convention Center
Made its debut in June 2003, Sapporo Convention Center comes fully equipped with the latest in services and technology, well able to support a variety of conventions in this city so richly blessed by the beauty of its four seasons.

Built in Sapporo's Shiroishi Ward, this general-purpose convention center was built to accommodate a full range of meetings and exhibitions. With a floor space of 20,000m2 in one basement level and three above ground levels, the center includes a Main Hall, a Conference Hall, a Mid-Sized Hall along with fifteen other meeting rooms. Included site is a multi-storied automated parking garage as well as convention parking lots, which together can accommodate 600 cars. Functioning as the Main Hall, the large hall is 2,600m2 in size.Theatre style in design, it can accommodate 2,500 people and has the functional flexibility to serve a variety of events and exhibitions.

Tokyo to Sapporo from Narita or Haneda

If you arrive at Tokyo as an entrance of Japan, you may choose a flight of Tokyo to Sapporo, which is Narita or Haneda as a departure of a domestic line. Narita airport is the most popular one of the entrance for Japan, but a flight to Sapporo in a domestic line is a few; only 3 flights of JAL and 2 flights of ANA.
The flights from Haneda, Tokyo International Airport, to New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, are more than 50 of JAL, ANA, and so on, from 6:40 am to 8.50 pm.
The shuttle bus with 1 hour 20 min ride is available from Narita to Haneda. The trains, Narita Express and Skyliner of Narita Sky Access, are also convenient.
The sleeper delux trains, Cassiopeia and Hokutosei, depart at Ueno station, one of the terminal of Tokyo, every evening, but it takes ca 17 hours to Sapporo.