Scientific Program

A final timetable (pdf)
, an oral program (pdf), and a poster program (pdf) are available (Last updated (corrected): May 24, 2014).

Floor map of Kyoto TERRSA (pdf) has been updated (floor map for June 1st (pdf) is here)

A notice of presentation (pdf) is available. (Last updated: April 28, 2014).

The scientific program will consist of

Plenary lectures for overall sessions
Invited lectures for parallel sessions
Oral presentations for each session
Best Poster Award:
Excellent poster presenters will be commended
by ACS Catalysis.

Plenary Lectures are listed below.

Prof. Gabriele Centi (University of Messina)
gNanocarbons for the Development of Advanced Catalystsg

Dr. Hirohito Hirata (Toyota Motor Corporation) gRecent Progress on Automotive Catalystg

Prof. Christopher Jones (Georgia Institute of Technology) gAmine-Modified Silicates as Sorbents, Supports and Catalysts

Prof. Can Li (Dalian Institute Chemical Physics) gFundamental Understanding of Photocatalysis for Solar Fuels Productiong

Dr. Ulrich Müller (BASF SE)
gCatalysis - Enabler for Sustainabillityg

Dr. Tohru Setoyama (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) gCatalysts' Contribution for the Realization of Green Sustainable Society in 21st Centuryg

Prof. Galen J. Suppes (Missouri-Columbia University) gSimulation of Catalyzed Urethane Polymerization--An Approach to Expedite Commercialization of Bio-Based Materialsg

Prof. Takashi Tatsumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) gRole of Catalysis in Sustainable "Petro"chemicals Productiong

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Invited Lectures are listed below.

Prof. Wha-Seung Ahn (Inha University)

gMetal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) : Synthesis and applications in catalysis/adsorptionh

Prof. Robert J. Davis (University of Virginia)

gThe influence of catalyst structure and base promotion on syngas conversion over supported molybdenum carbide nanoclustersh

Prof. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (Tufts University)

gAtomically dispersed supported metals as efficient catalysts for hydrogen and chemicals productionh

Dr. Yuuichirou Fujiyama (JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation)

gProcess developments for integration of refining and petrochemistryh

Prof. Atsushi Fukuoka (Hokkaido University)

gSaccharification of cellulosic biomass by activated carbonh

Dr. Philip Gibson (Sasol )

gHydrocarbon synthesis via Fischer-Tropsch chemistry: Sasolfs story, past present and futureh

Prof. Michikazu Hara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)     

gAmmonia synthesis over Ru-deposited electride catalysth

Dr. Matthew Humphrys (Johnson Matthey)

gAmmonia synthesis via Haber Bosch: Syngas generation story, past, present and futureh

Prof. Graham Hutchings (Cardiff University)         

gGold catalysis - Recent developmentsh

Prof. Masami Kamigaito (Nagoya University)        

gControlled radical polymerization assisted by metal catalystsh

Dr. Hong-Xin Li  (Zeolyst International)    

gAdvances of zeolite catalysts for SCR applications in diesel emission controlh

Prof. Zhongmin Liu (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics)

gMethanol to olefin: from fundamental to commercializationh

Prof. Kazuhiko Maeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

gVisible-light water splitting and CO2 reduction by modified semiconductor photocatalystsh

Prof. Manos Mavrikakis (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

gFormic acid decomposition on transition metal surfaces: Fundamental mechanistic aspectsh

Prof. Chung-Yuan Mou (National Taiwan University)

gStrong metal-support interaction (SMSI) effect over ZnO supported gold nanocatalysth

Dr. Mark Newton (ESRF)

gChasing changing nanoparticles as they work:
Operando X-ray studies of supported metal catalysts h

Prof. Yong-Ki Park (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT))

gThe future of catalytic cracking for the production of light olefinsh

Dr. Charles H.@F. Peden (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

gCu-CHA zeolite materials for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3: Catalyst structure/function and mechanistic studiesh

Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez (ETH Zurich)

gNew catalytic processes for halogen recyclingh

Dr. Heinz Robota (Velocys)

gHighly active and selective Fischer-Tropsch catalystsh

Dr. Ken Suzuki (Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation)

gDevelopment and commercialization of gold-nickel oxide nanoparticle catalysts with a core-shell structure for production of methyl methacrylateh

Dr. Hiroshi Toshima (Albemarle)             

gNebula® application for economic gainh

Prof. Tatsuya Tsukuda (The University of Tokyo)

gAtomically-precise metal clusters: synthesis and catalysish

Prof. Ning Yan (National University of Singapore)

gA novel catalyst design strategy for lignin C-O bond hydrogenolysish

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