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"TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Yokohama" (The 8th Tokyo Conference on Advanced Catalytic Science and Technology and International Symposium on Zeolite and Microporous Crystals 2018) is an international congress focusing on the novel functional materials, such as zeolites, ceramics, metals, complexes, their related ones, etc., and their application for various industrial fields. These materials are indispensable to the establishment of sustainable society in the world. For example, zeolite catalysts are well known as very highly active for petroleum refining with energy saving, resulting in the reduction of green gases. They have also been focused on the NOx decomposition on automobile catalysts so that they contribute from engineering solution to global environmental and energy problem. On the other hand, academia has payed the attention on the substantial solution for these problems through actively academic and engineering exchanges between scientists, engineers, and researchers on an international meeting. In this regard, we decide to hold the international conference on catalysis of zeolites and the other materials based on scientific and engineering aspects in Tokyo and its outskirts.

Hence, "TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Yokohama" will be held in Yokohama on August 5 to 10, 2018. "TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Yokohama" will start from a plenary lecture on Sunday. We also will provide parallel sessions on many scientific and engineering divisions.

Now, we have an announcement for "TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Yokohama" in a loud voice!

Why don’t you join us to come to Yokohama, a very big port city of metropolitan area.

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